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Want More Leads? Get Your Business Listed In The Local Map Pack

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Having an online presence is crucial for businesses to survive today and being in the Google Map Pack is a big part of that. But, that does not guarantee you sales. Come to think of it, even with the perfect product, nothing guarantees you sales if your target market cannot find you. For a local business, local SEO is your literal key to the city.

In this post, we will look at Google’s 3-pack maps and how you can boost the chances of your business appearing in the 3-pack.

Why would you want to appear in the 3-pack? Because appearing at or near the top of Google’s first page will get you where you need to be for your clients to find you.

how to rank in googles map pack listings

The Numbers

A closer look at the numbers show that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd search results on page one of Google get 33%, 15%, and 9% of Google’s traffic respectively. Those numbers are out of the 75% of clicks that go to Google’s first page results.

So, assuming your business is ranked in position 1 for a keyword that gets 1000 searches. That means the expected number of clicks you will get to your business is 300 solid leads. While local and business specific searches might not compare to overall Google searches, the search engine still accounts for 67% of search engine searches.

That is in excess of 3.5 billion daily searches and over 40,000 searches every second. With 67% of the searches going to the first page, you really want to work towards getting your business up there.

How Do Google Map Pack Rankings Work?

While nobody outside of Google’s development team knows exactly how their ranking algorithm works, Google gives webmasters tips to help with content creation. Over time, with the tips from Google, webmasters have gained a better understanding of factors that influence the algorithm.

Below we look at different ways of improving how your business ranks on Google maps’ snack pack.

How To Improve Your Ranking In The Google My Business Map Pack

Claiming your listing – Claiming your listing involves setting up your businesses profile on Google. The feature known as GMB enables you to control your businesses appearance on the search giant and on the Google map pack. While claiming your listing, you add your business name, location, and hours of operation.

Because Google wants to provide users the best search results, including the accurate operating hours helps the search engine drive traffic your way when you are available.

Verify your location on Google – Google picks up a business location based on searches and other data. However, the location Google pick for your business is rarely correct. The good news is that with GMB, you have the ability to verify your listing address to ensure it is correct.

Once you verify your location, Google is then able to direct potential customers and searches accurately. Once you are through with the verification, make sure it matches the schema tags and social properties on your website.

Leverage imagery – Visual cues appeal to people more and are easier to remember. With images you can show potential customers what you are about. Create a photographic brand story with professionally taken photos and include it in your Google My Business profile in The Google Map Pack Listings. Name your photos with relevant and industry specific words for better ranking. If you have a physical location, take a picture of the building and have it prominently displayed on your profile.

Look for reviews – reviews are your testimonials in the face of Google and potential customers. Have the people you have already worked with or for given you any reviews? The more the reviews you have and the better they are, the more Google and prospects smile at you, literally. Also, when you get reviews, nurture them by making a point to respond to all of them.

While the above steps will guide you in the right direction towards ranking higher on Organic Search and the Google Map Pack, there are more steps that are better left to professional SEOs. These include auditing and cleaning up your citations. But before hiring a professional, you can always start with the pointers above.


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