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Is SEO Right For YOUR Local Business?

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…And should you be using it as a strategy attract more clients?

This is an important question that many local business owner wonder about, but few take the time to answer it, causing them to miss out on potentially enormous growth opportunity.

Well today I’m going to help you answer this question.

The quick (and frustrating) answer is this… It completely depends on what business and industry you’re in, and also, what exactly it is you sell. But I wouldn’t be much help if that’s all I left you with…

So, here’s a longer (and much more helpful) answer…

…And the best way to present this answer would be to quickly (in under 3 minutes) giving you a brief overview of the two most common types of local businesses and also, by outlining which ones (sometimes with exceptions) SEO typically works best for.

So, let’s look at the first one…

How to Know if SEO is Right for YOUR Local Business - Blog - Local Leverage SEO

1. SEO for Service Based Businesses

Is SEO right for your local business if you own a service based company? So these are businesses who provide an important and valuable service to local their local clientele. Some examples are… carpet cleaners, roofing contractors, painters, landscapers, dentists, chiropractors and a gazillion other (yes that’s a real number 😊)…

…Anyway, now that we’ve finished todays math lesson, lets go over “IF” SEO right for these types of businesses…

…and the answer is YES! In fact, these types of businesses can yield absolutely amazing results when they use SEO as a key strategy to generate more clients for their businesses.

But the real question is – why?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are some of the most important ones. First, service-based businesses usually offer only a select number of specific services. Why is this important? Because when it comes to SEO, specificity is extremely important. The wider the focus, the more diluted the results will be. The more intense the focus on few key services, the greater the results will likely be.

Second, consumers typically purchase services based on the “perceived value” which requires research and consideration from the consumer, which is what causes consumers to search for them, compare them, and look into them (the driving force behind SEO) … versus a commodity business (like a gas station) where consumers almost always buy based on price.

Now, there are a lot of other reason too, but those are some of the primary ones, so let’s get moving and start talking about the second type of local business.

SEO for Retail Businesses

So is SEO right for your local business if you own a retail location? These businesses typically see some of the poorest results with SEO. Why? Because they usually carry a large variety of different products, and often, the product lines or items they carry change frequently. Think of how many products your local grocery store carries… Do you have that number (how ever crazy BIG it might be) in mind? Now consider how long it would take to rank even 1% of those on the search engines. It would take forever!

By the way, if you’re wondering how to waste a ton of money fast, this might be one of the finest ideas I’ve ever come up with.

Plus, effectively ranking anything takes time, effort and commitment, so what sense does it make to work on ranking the term “potato” if you’re a grocery store when you’re only making one cent profit?

IMPORTANT – KEY TAKE AWAY! … Local Businesses who have high profit margins (or the potential to have high profit margins) usually kill with SEO!

However, there are always exceptions. For instance, there are SOME retail stores who can crush it using SEO. What are those? Highly specific stores who sell products within a specific category. For instance, maybe a store that sells Guns and Rifles and stuff like that… Or maybe a Golf store… these types of store can really do well with SEO… why? First because they’re “niche’d” (a fancy word for saying “very specific”). Second, they sell high ticket items… And third, they have an audience who are super passionate about what it is they sell.

…Especially if there aren’t tons of these types of stores around and people are willing to travel for them.

So I think we’ve answered the question is SEO right for every business? It clearly isn’t, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to pull a fast one, but…

Here’s what is important… Knowing… Is SEO right for YOUR local business?

Because if it is, Search Engine Optimization can be an ABSOLUTE GAME-CHANGER if implemented properly.

But here’s the thing…  maybe after reading this you’re saying to yourself…  “Okay, this is all well and good, but you didn’t mention my business … How do I know if SEO is right for me specifically?”

Don’t get all excited, I’ve got you covered… Simply hit the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of this page… and say the following…. “Is SEO right for my local business?”

In the message, please also include your first name, your business name, the city you’re in and your business type and we’ll happily take a look at your business, ans shoot you a message back with an expert opinion on is SEO right for your local business and ultimately, a good choice for you. Sound good?

Or, if you want to speak to me directly and discuss one of our partnership opportunities where we literally do EVERYTHING for you visit our local leverage seo contact page.

Oh and before I forget, make sure you “like” and “follow” us on facebook… This is main spot we drop all our newest free local business growth strategies.


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