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Check out our complimentary resources for people who live in and work within the Brantford, ON area. We hope you enjoy these Brantford and Area resources we’ve put together for you.

About Brantford ON

Brantford ON is a smaller historic city in southwestern Ontario. It situated in the center of Brant County. It rests on the edges of the Grand River and has a population of 97,496.

Brantford location

Brantford being our home base, we are proud to be the top choice for people searching for Brantford SEO services.

Although Brantford is a small city, it has a deep history and therefore promises many historic sites. Many famous people were born or reside in the town of Brantford, ON.

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Brantford ON is unique in that although it’s a small city, it has a lot of tourism. First, for all the sightseeing opportunities in the area, and second because it is a central hub city, as major metropolitan areas surround it.

These areas include Hamilton, Cambridge, Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, London and even Mississauga, Toronto.

It’s for this reason that many large international companies have called or currently call Brantford and the surrounding area, one of their primary office and manufacturing locations. These include companies like Ferrero Rocher, Tiger Cat Industries, Proctor and Gamble, SC Johnson, Green Mantra Technologies and Gunther Mele. Also, big players like Massey-Ferguson and White Farm Equipment once called Brantford their home.

Furthermore, this is one of the factors which causes so much business-related tourism to Brantford.


Brantford has several events, many of them related to Hockey, as Brantford, ON, is known as the Hockey capital of the world.

Also, we have a lot of amazing other events which we outline when we discuss things to do in Brantford, ON.


Branford, ON without question has something for everything. Regardless of what your preferences are, this small city boasts a lot to see and do. Whether you currently reside in Brantford, thinking of visiting or maybe even moving, Brantford, ON, has something for you. From your friends at Local Leverage SEO Brantford.

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