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Whether you’re a Brantford, ON resident, or maybe you’re only planning a visit to the Brantford area, the good news is there is loads to do and something for everyone. Regardless of whether you love History and museums, or sports and arts, there is tons of fun to have in beautiful Brantford, ON.

Explore Brantford ON

You will never find yourself bored or without something to do during your trip to Brantford and area. With lots of exiting places to go and enjoy, there is never a dull day in Brantford. 

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Here are some of our favorite spots to explore in Brantford and the surrounding area.


I don’t want to get too crazy about historic sites because we cover those in our other resource page.

Brant Museum and Archives – Established in 1908 and run by the Brantford Historical Society. This museum houses an eclectic and unique collection of Brantford’s History.

Canadian Military Heritage Museum – This museum covers Canada’s military heritage. It’s a cool spot for anyone, especially if you’re a military history buff.


The Sanderson Center for the Performing Arts – A beautiful theatre built-in 1919, the design of this historic location is magnificent. There are a variety of shows and performances scheduled throughout the year.

Brantford Symphony Orchestra – Another enjoyable and relaxing activity is to see the Brantford Symphony Orchestra. A full Orchestra that frequently plays in the Brantford area.


The Wayne Gretzky International Hockey Tournament – Taking place in late December, the Wayne Gretzky international hockey tournament sees some of the best international youth hockey teams compete against each other.

The Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament – A considerable ball hockey tournament with dozens of teams with even celebrities attending to play with their teams.

WTFEST – More than 7000 people visit this live event at Lions Park in Brantford. It features famous bands, along with a lineup of local performers also. It usually runs during the summer in July.


If you’re a fan of sports and the outdoors, there are lots to do in Brantford. Here are some of our top choices in Brantford.

Brantford Red Sox – Playing at the Arnold Anderson Stadium, the Brantford Red Sox have been a Brantford mainstay for years. If you’re in Brantford throughout the Baseball season, make sure you check them out on the west side of Brantford (known as West Brant.)

Brantford Galaxy SC – A team within the Canadian Soccer League, the Brantford Galaxy Soccer Club, has a cult-like following in the Brantford area. If you’re a Soccer fan, this could be something fun to do while in Brantford.

Brantford Harlequins – This is Brantford’s rugby team, the Harlequins, which is part of the Ontario Rugby Union. Getting out to watch is an opportunity for great fun and excitement for any rugby buff.

TransCanada Trail – The TransCanada trail runs a direct path straight through Brantford. This trail has beautiful and passes alongside the stunning Grand River. If you’re in town, make sure you take a short hike along this scenic route.


These are only a few of the Local Leverage SEO Brantford top choices for things to do while you’re here. But this is just the beginning. Brantfordians are super lovely people, and they will be more than happy to tell you their favorites if you ask them.

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