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Are you a resident or planning a visit to Hamilton ON in the not to distant future? Hamilton is rich with history and has a little something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your preferences. Whether you like History, Arts, Sports, there are lots of options, and you won’t find yourself bored.

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Are you a resident or planning a visit to Hamilton ON in the not to distant future? Hamilton is rich with history and has a little something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your preferences. Whether you like History, Arts, Sports, there are lots of options and you won’t find yourself bored.

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The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – A true wonder of military aviation this museum houses many rare military planes. Located at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, it maintains 47 military jets and propeller-driven aircraft.

Dundurn Castle – This castle is an old neoclassical mansion located in Hamilton, Ontario, on York Boulevard. At an astounding 18,000-square-foot, this beautiful and historic home took over three years to complete for the cost of $175,000 in 1835.

HMCS Haida – This docked historical ship referred to as the “Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canadian Navy.” It is a Tribal-Class destroyer that served as part of the RCN or Royal Canadian Navy for 20 years (1943-1963). It participated in World War II and the Korean War.

31 Service Battalion – This battalion offered combat service support to the Canadian Army Reserve. The unit previous to the corps which exists now was the Hamilton Service Battalion. The new unit is a combination of four groups. The unit then transitioned to become a part of the Hamilton Militia District.

Auchmar – This is the historic estate once owned by Isaac Buchanan, who was a businessman and a political figure in Western Canada. He was also the first president of the Hamilton Club and an international merchant.

These are only a few of the many historic sites in Hamilton, ON. There is far more to visit than these alone.


Hamilton, ON has several cultural institutions promising enjoyment in the form of music and art. Here are some of our favourites.

McMaster Museum of Art – This art gallery sits within the centre of the McMaster University campus. It’s a not for profit gallery but has a selection of portraits, prints and other unique donated art.

Art Gallery of Hamilton – Many people don’t realize the Art Gallery of Hamilton houses the second-largest permanent collection of art in all of Canada. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest public art galleries in all of Canada. Over 290,000 visitors attend the gallery each year to see the beautiful art it holds.

Centre 3 – This hidden gem is a small art gallery and art school in downtown Hamilton. A fantastic artist Robert Creighton teaches there, and his art is unquestionably unique and phenomenal. Visit if you can.

Hamilton Theatre Inc. – This is Hamilton’s premier musical theatre and production company. Often known as HTI, this unique group allow for the community and those looking to learn more about professional theatre to get involved. Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to take part in attending one of their productions.


Festival of Friends – The largest free annual music festival in all of Canada. Started in 1975, music lovers come from far and wide to attend this fantastic event.

Hamilton Santa Claus Parade – If you happen to be in Hamilton over the holidays, be sure to watch the Santa Claus parade. It is a family favourite.


Hamilton Tiger-Cats – Also known as the Ti-Cats, is a professional Canadian football team. They are part of the CFL or Canadian Football league. If a home game is happening, you can catch them at Tim Horton’s field. 

Flamborough Downs – If you’re looking for some adult fun, there is the Flamborough Downs. This complex offers casino slot machines, horse racing, and car racing, as well.

Canadian Football Hall of Fame – Located in Downtown Hamilton, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame celebrates the most significant achievements of football players competing in the CFL or Canadian Football league. 

African Lion Safari – One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ontario, The African Lion Safari is a hamilton owned business located between both Hamilton and Cambridge. The Safari offers a game reserve, walking section, and driving part where exotic animals, elephants and primates live. 

Royal Botanical Gardens – Another popular tourist attraction in the area and a horticultural and educational resource center is the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is a sanctuary comprised of 2,422 acres of protected natural beauty. 


These are only a few of our favourite resources here at Local Leverage SEO, Hamilton. There are far more than these alone. Explore Hamilton and experience Websters Falls, Tew Falls and other beautiful areas. You can thank us later.

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