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Are you wondering if we provide SEO services in your area? You can find out below. If your area is not on the list, but you think you’d be a great fit, schedule a complimentary no-obligation consult, and let’s see it’s an option.


Our SEO agency provides a variety of different services to help YOUR business maximize the traffic going to your site. While at the same time increase the number of leads, sales, revenue and profit your business is generating.

Preview the full suite of services our SEO agency Local Leverage SEO offers to our clients.


Brantford, a quaint little city along the Grand River, is our Homebase. Here at Local Leverage SEO, where our main office is located at 34 McMurray St. Brantford, ON. Although we love working with our Brantford clients, being a smaller city, the majority of our clients come from the surrounding areas to work with us.

Are you a Brantford business who wants to implement SEO and get leverage inside your company? We want to help.

Vist Our Brantford SEO Services Page


Hamilton is one of the primary areas where we receive some of the most interest in our local SEO services.

A large port city located on the western tip of Lake Ontario.

Being a more densely populated area, of course, means more competition. Many Hamilton business owners contact us here at local leverage SEO for this very reason. To help them rank higher and position themselves as the obvious choice for their particular services.

Would you like to learn more about the services we offer to Hamilton business owners?

Vist Our SEO Hamilton Services Page


We’ve gradually developed a reputation in Cambridge, Ontario, and have built a strong client base of local businesses throughout the City.

If you’re a local Cambridge business owner who is looking to implement SEO to rank higher and generate more sales as a result – We can help you.

Learn more by click on the link below.

Vist Our Cambridge SEO Services Page


After serving the Cambridge area, we began getting more and more requests, recommendations, and referrals from the K-W area.

We quickly developed a strong client base of Kitchener business who we now work with full time to maximize and maintain their online positioning.

Would you like to learn what we’re doing for them, how we’re doing, and how we can help you too? Learn more by visiting the link below.

Vist Our SEO Kitchener Services Page


Burlington is located at the Northwestern end of Lake Ontario and within the Regional Municipality Halton.

With a growing population and a thriving local economy, Burlington is an excellent area for local businesses that want to implement high-level search engine optimization.

Also, it is one of our favorite cities to compete in. Want to discover how we can help your Burlington business?

Vist Our SEO Burlington Services Page


Are you a local Waterloo business owner who wants to get found more often when nearby residents search for your services?
If so, you’re in the right place. At Local Leverage SEO, we’ve been helping Waterloo ON residents generate more traffic to their website, increase their conversion, and therefore generate more revenue and profit.
Want to find out if Local Leverage SEO is the right fit for your Waterloo business? Find out now by visiting the link below.

Vist Our SEO Waterloo Services Pages


Oakville is Ontario’s largest town, and also part of the Greater Toronto Area. As it continues to grow, it is becoming a hotbed of local business owners who are focused on gaining a competitive advantage in their local area. Likely because of its proximity to the GTA, Toronto, and the level of competition which is present.
At Local Leverage SEO, we love taking on the big guys and kicking their butts in the search rankings. Want to see how we can help you great year Oakville business? Find out more.

Vist Our SEO Oakville Services Page


We love the Royal City, and we love working with our SEO clients in Guelph, Ontario. Just east of Kitchener, it’s no secret how we began attracting and helping clients in the Guelph area.
Want to learn more about the digital marketing service we offer to our Guelph Ontario clients? Click the link below to find out more.

Vist Our SEO Guelph Services Page


Woodstock, located in Oxford County at the head of the Thames River, is another area we at local leverage SEO, offer our digital marketing services. Just 128 km outside of London, and only a short distance from our home base in Brantford Ontario. We love helping our Woodstock SEO clients capitalize on all the ripe lead generation opportunities in the area. Want to learn how we can do the same for you? You know what to do next, click the link below.

Vist Our Woodstock SEO Services Page

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