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Organic SEO is the key to ranking YOUR website on the major search engines.  This allows your ideal clients to quickly and easily find your products and services.



Done correctly, this can lead to an increase in website traffic. A result from the increase in links, authority, trust and relevance. 

What Is Organic SEO?

Unlike Local SEO where the goal is rank your website in the Google Maps or Bing Places for Business. The purpose or Organic SEO is to rank within the standard Google search results. 

For example, local SEO would target people who use proximity terms. For example, “criminal defense attorney near me” or “criminal defense attorney Hamilton on”.

Organic SEO on the other hand targets information search queries. Queries like “how much does a criminal defense attorney cost” or “how to choose a criminal defense attorney”.


organic search results
organic search results

(You can get a complete explanation of Organic Search here)

And both Organic SEO and Local SEO require a completely separate strategy to achieve the desired result. 

How We Use Organic SEO To Help Our Clients Drive Traffic

As I just mentioned, Organic SEO requires a unique strategy.  One that includes a combination of  distinctive SEO processes and tactics. And if done correctly, identify your site as one Google should rank for a specific keyword. 

How To Rank Using Organic SEO

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Want to get found for the keyword and search terms you want to rank for… resulting in more revenue and profits for your business?

Then keep reading, because here’s how we do it!

1. Targeted Keyword Research

The start of any Organic or Local SEO campaign should always begin with detailed keyword research. This allows us to identify the most profitable and valuable keywords in your market.

3. High-Quality Skyscraper Content

The key to Organic SEO is backlinks (which we will cover in just a moment). Still, the mistake most people make is thinking they can create low quality content and build a load of links to it. 

Not true! Quality content is a important factor when it comes to building high-quality backlinks… And… backlinks are the key to Organic SEO. 

2. Technical SEO or On-Page SEO

The  step in an Organic SEO campaign is to analyze the current site, determine the key pages we are attempting to rank. A number of the initial changes and on page improvements that need to be made can be determined during an SEO Site Audit.



4. Building Backlinks

Want to really make your content shine and to skyrocket your site through the rankings? You need a solid and continually growing backlink profile.

At Local Leverage SEO, we  work with a network of bloggers to get contextual backlinks which connect back to your site.  Along with contextual backlinks, we implement high-quality links from authoritative news outlets and PR professionals. This allows you to get placements within news media that creates continual growth.

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My partner and I have been in business for years. Doing just okay. After having a sit down with Kieran about marketing plans for my roofing company. I knew he was the guy to help us take our business to the next level. Before Kieran, I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing that got me nowhere. Almost immediately after my meeting with Kieran my call volume and my business blew up. He not only helped me with my online marketing but helped me position my business so far more clients found me. He also taught us how to effectively generate far more referrals. He did everything he promised plus more. This man is (and has been) the secret weapon to our success. No dollar amount can be put on what he has done for my business partner and I.
Shane Bogema

The Roofing Company, www.roofmyhouse.ca

I’m so glad I was referred to Local Leverage SEO! I’ve been running my business selling trailers for some time, but I knew I needed to begin implementing SEO and additional marketing to grow it further. I spoke to an old friend in Brantford who works with Local Leverage SEO and he said “You gotta go talk to these guys”. Not only did they setup our basic SEO, they implemented offers for me, helped me setup all my important online directories, put into place facebook retargeting, and went above and beyond for me and my business. A;ready in less than a month, our search traffic is up almost 400%. If you need help marketing and growing your business, and you’re looking for an adertising or marketing agency or company, you need Local Leverage SEO, it is as simple as that.
Allan Dickenson

Grand River Trailer Sales, GrandRiverTrailersales.ca

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We help businesses get found by the people actively looking for their products and services online. Want to work with the pro’s who take the stress off of you and put it on your competitors?

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