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Our custom SEO Site Audit Report can help you find and fix the on-page (or technical) — furthermore, we review SEO-optimization, current rankings, and off-page SEO. Moreover, we create a prioritized, clear, and actionable list to maximize your sites rankings and online positioning.


What Is An SEO Site Audit?

Think of an SEO Site Audit similar to a doctor’s appointment or health checkup for your website and online rankings. The objective is to review and diagnose the issues and concerns which are causing health problems and then to provide a prescription. With the information provided, you can begin to make the recommended changes and improvements, which over time, will lead to an increase in overall rankings and website health.

How an SEO Site Audit Can Help Your Business

Our SEO Site audit will help YOU identify your business website’s strengths, weaknesses. While at the same time, unveiling the most significant opportunities for search improved rankings. The SEO Site Audit reviews and analyzes the most important factors which cause a website to rank. It also provides a gameplan on how to improve them.

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What’s Included In An SEO Site Audit?

On-Page SEO (or Technical Audit)

On-Page (or Technical) Audit – During this initial phase of the SEO Audit, we will review your On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO issues are the most critical improvements any website must fix to increase and improve their Search Engine rankings. In our experience, we’ve seen the completion of On-Page SEO improvements lead to an almost immediate boost in search engine ranking positions.

Keyword Audit

A keyword audit involves reviewing the current keywords you’re ranking for (and those you are not). In the SEO audit, we outline the keyword opportunities which exist, which, if capitalized on, can lead to an increase in website traffic and sales.

Local SEO / Organic SEO Audit

Depending on your business and its goals will determine whether we use a Local SEO or an Organic SEO Audit (and often both). During this process, we will review critical factors that are necessary to rank your website in the search results. Furthermore, we will provide the recommended action steps to improve and increase your current positions.

SEO Content Audit

Our SEO Site audit will identify the content relevancy issues, readability issues, spelling, and grammar which (which most people don’t understand the importance of it for rankings) and look at other common problems like keyword cannibalization

Competitive Audit

During this phase of the audit, we review your competitors. It isn’t only essential to understand how you can improve your website, and it’s online positioning. Almost always, studying your competitors can provide critical strategic insight into hidden areas of opportunity. By understanding and analyzing your competitor’s SEO strategies and how they are ranking, we can find new ideas to improve your rankings also. 


Our SEO Site Audit makes it easy for you to upgrade the performance and rankings of your business website. We provide a prioritized list of the steps you need to take to maximize your rankings in the shortest possible time.


Our intuitive SEO Site Audit makes understanding the issues with your website simple. The entire SEO Audit is explained and outlined in easy to understand language, which allows you to understand what is holding your site back.


Use the clarity provided in the site audit to make those changes resulting in higher rankings and more website traffic. Unsure and uncomfortable making them yourself? Speak to us to find out about how we can do it for you.

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Find out how we can get your website more traffic and conversions

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My partner and I have been in business for years. Doing just okay. After having a sit down with Kieran about marketing plans for my roofing company. I knew he was the guy to help us take our business to the next level. Before Kieran, I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing that got me nowhere. Almost immediately after my meeting with Kieran my call volume and my business blew up. He not only helped me with my online marketing but helped me position my business so far more clients found me. He also taught us how to effectively generate far more referrals. He did everything he promised plus more. This man is (and has been) the secret weapon to our success. No dollar amount can be put on what he has done for my business partner and I.
Shane Bogema

The Roofing Company, www.roofmyhouse.ca

I’m so glad I was referred to Local Leverage SEO! I’ve been running my business selling trailers for some time, but I knew I needed to begin implementing SEO and additional marketing to grow it further. I spoke to an old friend in Brantford who works with Local Leverage SEO and he said “You gotta go talk to these guys”. Not only did they setup our basic SEO, they implemented offers for me, helped me setup all my important online directories, put into place facebook retargeting, and went above and beyond for me and my business. A;ready in less than a month, our search traffic is up almost 400%. If you need help marketing and growing your business, and you’re looking for an adertising or marketing agency or company, you need Local Leverage SEO, it is as simple as that.
Allan Dickenson

Grand River Trailer Sales, GrandRiverTrailersales.ca

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