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What We Do Differently

Local SEO gets you seen by local consumers looking in YOUR geographical marketplace. By leveraging local search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other, you can position your business as the obvious choice for customers looking for YOUR services in your local area.h engines.


Get More Local Customers Contacting You with SEO

So you want more of your ideal local customers visiting or calling your business? Statistics show 47% of people searching Google are requesting local business information, leaving businesses who aren’t implementing local SEO service at a massive disadvantage.

Local search engine optimization is the process of raising your local rankings positioning to you to be found more often when local prospects search for your services.

This is done by implementing a Local SEO strategy along with a series of tactics increasing your businesses “ranking-factors” (These are Geo/Proximity, Authority, Relevance and Trust) causing Google and the other search engines to see your business as the best match to display to people searching for your services.

This means more people finding your business when they perform a local search, without having to pay for expensive advertising.

This is why Local SEO is such an enormous competitive advantage to those businesses who implement it effectively. 

Schedule a complimentary local seo strategy call to discover how it could benefit your business.

4 out of 5 buyers use search engines to find local service based businesses

  • 80% 80%

93% of local buyers choose a business from the Google My Business (map listings) at the top of the very first page

  • 93% 93%

75% of people who search online never go past the first page of Google

  • 75% 75%

AUDIT & Targeted Keyword Strategy

The first SEO step is a current SEO audit and tactical keyword research. This is where we focus on leveraging customers search intent, by focusing on the strategic keywords most likely to move the needle in rankings and ROI in your business.


Next, we complete a local market analysis. This is where we will analyze your services, current positioning, competitors and your customer profile along with search volume and intent and build a strategy which is optimized to produce maximum results in minimal time.


We then add and optimize niche and geo relevant online properties, create google property stacks, and utilize a variety of rich media and hyper local seo marketing strategies to boost your business’s overall online profile and brand making it the obvious choice. 

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My partner and I have been in business for years. Doing just okay. After having a sit down with Kieran about marketing plans for my roofing company. I knew he was the guy to help us take our business to the next level. Before Kieran, I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing that got me nowhere. Almost immediately after my meeting with Kieran my call volume and my business blew up. He not only helped me with my online marketing but helped me position my business so far more clients found me. He also taught us how to effectively generate far more referrals. He did everything he promised plus more. This man is (and has been) the secret weapon to our success. No dollar amount can be put on what he has done for my business partner and I.
Shane Bogema

The Roofing Company, www.roofmyhouse.ca

I’m so glad I was referred to Local Leverage SEO! I’ve been running my business selling trailers for some time, but I knew I needed to begin implementing SEO and additional marketing to grow it further. I spoke to an old friend in Brantford who works with Local Leverage SEO and he said “You gotta go talk to these guys”. Not only did they setup our basic SEO, they implemented offers for me, helped me setup all my important online directories, put into place facebook retargeting, and went above and beyond for me and my business. A;ready in less than a month, our search traffic is up almost 400%. If you need help marketing and growing your business, and you’re looking for an adertising or marketing agency or company, you need Local Leverage SEO, it is as simple as that.
Allan Dickenson

Grand River Trailer Sales, GrandRiverTrailersales.ca

facebook five star reviews
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traffic analysis

We make it easy to know your progress by offering all our local seo client a private, password protected, progress and reporting dashboard.

This allows you to know exactly what progress is being made day to day and month to month. 

Our team is small – but our resolve to create massive R.O.I. for our clients is high – get started today.

The Question is, Will It Be Yours or Your Competitions?

 If you’re not implementing Local SEO inside your business – You’re missing the boat on a huge opportunity to create enormous growth inside your local business.

We are experts at helping our clients optimize their local SEO to maximize the number of leads you’re generating inside your business.

Our main goal is to create amazing relationships with out clients based on customer service and results. Want to learn how we can drive more traffic to your site and more leads to your business?

Schedule a complimentary no-obligation local seo strategy call.

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SEO… or… Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating and modifying a website, along with other associated and unassociated properties to generate more rankings and therefore more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

This process used to be easy, but has become exceptionally more complex over the years. Read more on the history of SEO.


85% of the people searching on Google are clicking on the organic search results, according to statistics from SEWatch. Also, statistics show local SEO has been shown to consistently outperform paid ads over the course of a month when the same amount of money is spent with the same keyword focuses,

That isn’t to say we don’t believe in paid ads, because we certainly do (and even manage paid ads for some of our high-level SEO partners).

However, dramatically more businesses invest in paid ads over SEO (causing the price of ads to increase) when only 15% of consumers are clicking on them. Meaning the SEO opportunities for local businesses who are willing to play long term are exponentially greater, producing higher ROI.

It really depends entirely on the business, industry, competition, margin, and cost of goods being sold… But in many cases it is optimal to implement SEO first and foremost AS WELL AS running paid ads.


"Results" are relative depending on your business’ specific goals and also the industry you play within. For some of our smaller clients, results can be seen and experienced in only 30 to 90 days. Conversely, another one of our clients who operates within the “Pay Day Loans” industry which is considered one of, if not “thee” most competitive and challenging markets in the world took just under 18 months for us to achieve first place rankings for the specific keywords they wanted to rank for.


We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. That retainer fee is built based on the number of hours required each month to complete the work to achieve your specific business outcome. Fees are due at the beginning of every rolling month to retain our agency. Our services are not expensive starting at $2500 per month, but still not ideal for everyone. Each projects individual pricing is based on it’s complexity, your competition, your current positioning and other key factors.


As a boutique local SEO agency, it has never been our objective to have hundreds or thousands of clients… And although we receive a high number partnership requests, we only work with clients who meet the following criteria.

  • You (and your business) are a good fit for us and our team.
  • You are a high quality service provider with an excellent reputation.
  • You already have an established business which is already making sales.
  • You’re serious and excited about creating growth inside your business.
  • We are certain your business could benefit from our services and that we can produce a high-level of ROI for you.

And finally…. We only work with businesses who are looking for a long-term partnership, who have long-term vision, and… who want to position themselves as the obvious and only choice for their product or service long-term.

If you’re not looking to play long-term, not only are we NOT the right fit for you, but SEO in general probably isn’t the right fit either. Unsure about whether you’re a good fit but you’d like to at least explore the possibility or potentially working with us? Please contact us here


Most low-level SEO Services will just present the same pre-packaged “Cookie Cutter” option to all their potential clients which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why? Because no two businesses are alike, no two cities are alike, and every business has different goals and outcomes they are looking to achieve… So how would their SEO requirements be exactly the same? They wouldn’t… Which is why at Local Leverage SEO we build custom SEO solutions for each one of our clients based on their specific needs and business goals.


We aren’t your typical “SEO Service” we play for real…. Here’s the thing: SEO Service providers are a dime-a-dozen and there are very few real “pros”... And we place a great level of pride in the fact that although we’re a small, boutique agency... We are consistently referred to and recommended for our unique ability to play in some of the most challenging, and competitive markets and industries against some of the biggest international agencies. We are not the “right” partner for every single business, but for those businesses we DO partner with, we are their unseen competitive advantage. We’re for serious businesses looking for serious results. Check out what we do differently.


If we determine your business is an ideal fit for and we both agree on a partnership, the next step is to begin our proprietary onboarding process. During this phase we will collect all the pertinent information and laying the groundwork (or foundation) which our entire long-term strategy will be built upon. Also, it is during this phase we need our partners to be especially engaged with us, because this is one of the only times during the process where we will ask you to take some action for us (which most SEO providers skip) which will both expedite and amplify the rankings, results, and ROI we will produce for you.


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